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One Of The Best Gba Titles

Reviewing: Nintendo Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island  |  Rating:
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Yoshis Island, Super Mario Advance 3 is one of the best portable games you can purchase, far superior to the previous Mario advance series of games. Yoshis Island was originally released on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertain System) in 1995, and back then it was really a step up from Super Mario World. Apparently Yoshis Island is set back when Mario & Luigi were babies, the game opens up with a stork flying with the babies in its beak. A bunch of evil wizards flew into it and tried to kid nap the babies, they succeeded in kid napping luigi but Mario flew into the island below. Luckily Mario landed on Yoshis head along with a map to his destination; the Yoshis had an emergency meeting in which they decided to return Mario back to his home.

Your quest begins in the first field level, where you learn how to attack enemies with your tongue. This level is excellent as it also teaches you how to fly, which can come in useful when you have to make steep jumps.

Game play :

The game play aspects are simple really, you have a simple set of moves that involves jumping, flying, and using your tongue to attack. When you are attacked by enemy's baby Mario starts flying away, you get twenty seconds to catch him or the wizards take him away. You can also eat water melons and then shoot the seeds, you usually get thirty or so. You can also eat certain types of flame and shoot fire, this is really useful when you have a boss level. The control is really great, Yoshi has to push numerous items including boulders so the GBA's improved control pad is excellent. The game play also encompasses some interesting casino aspects, like at the end of every level you can either play a slot machine or matching game for bonus lives or items. You also have to use a fair amount of flying, sometimes the level can disappear right out from under you. The castle levels including double sided surfaces, so you will need to bump certain buttons, or obtain keys to flip the thorns around. Nintendo really added onto what was already a good game, and they made it updated enough to play with the big boys.

Sound :

The sound actually sounds clearer then the SNES version, and the songs are all classic Mario tunes. You will notice the revised title screen, instead of music you can just hear the ocean and birds in the distance. When you play this game on the Nintendo DS it really shines with the surround sound, which is great because it increases the games replay value. The sound isn't very different, but Yoshi has better voice over's. When Mario gets kid napped his crying is enough to drive anyone crazy, so I usually just turn the sound off.

the Bonus World

This might be a spoiler but after you beat the game, you gain access to a GBA excusive bonus world. It is obviously Halloween themed and it is almost all under ground, after you beat this world then you gain the ability to play what ever level you want. This is definitely one of the improvements over the SNES version of the game.

Final Opinion of Yoshis Island

This is definitely a must have for you GBA library, I play this game daily and it never gets boring. As with most Mario games this is an instant classic, and it still remains a cult classic with many retro diehards. With many improvements and auditions over the original version there is no reason not to play this version of the game.