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One Sweet Illiop

Reviewing: Wow (Wolds Of Wonder) Teddy Ruxpin 2nd Gen.  |  Rating:
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Way back in 1985 when I was just a baby at a hospital in Canada Teddy Ruxpin came to visit the kids in the ICU. They had a contest to win one of the 2nd generation ones with the plastic cassette tapes instead of the metal ones. My name just happened to be drawn :) even though I really wanted the really big one that gave mine to me lol

When I was 4 I accidently poked his eye out which made me cry because he was and still is my favorite toy. I did everything with him I would have tea parties with him, build blocks and sleep with him. He still worked even with his eye missing and I still have it in a jar somewhere. Then he became my pirate.

He was with me through the flu and he had head lice. The poor guy was in a plastic bag for a long time just sitting there. He hasn't had batteries for a long time so I'm not even sure if he still works. I guess the servo motors get stuck after so long of no use but I found someone to repair him if he doesn't and replace his eye for 80 dollars.

They released two other versions of Teddy Ruxpin after W.O.W went under. One from Fisher Price and one from YES. Both smaller (more kid size) and I believe they both took cartridges but the same stories were still used. Basically if one of them brakes it's not worth trying to fix. Then there was one released in 2005 that I guess is digital.

Once again the 2005 version is smaller but slightly different then the other two. Teddy's best friend Grubby will not work with any of the newer Teddy Ruxpins though. Out of all of them I like the big ones from the 80s the best they are durable and fixable if they brake. I would like to add Grubby someday too and hopefully be able to share them with my human kids when that time comes. For now I will share them with my fur kids who will most likely bark and run away lol

Update On Nov 15, 2008: I got batteries today and tried Teddy out his tape deck doesn't even work. So he will be sent in to repaired as soon as I have the money :)