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One Tough Firewall: Agnitum's Outpost Pro

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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Being a writer I've experienced a broad range of attacks on my computer, some by very sophisticated crackers. After enduring crashes, bots and being locked out of my own machine, I finally got angry enough to research firewalls and IDS systems that actually might deliver on their promise. I had been using all the well known software firewalls from Symantec, MacAfee, Panda, E Trust, Kapersky and more. Every one of these firewall products failed to hold whomever was doing this.

I found Agnitum through a webinar on security and visited the site to read more. I was impressed by their specifications and their proactive response to intrusion detection. Plus they offer for $39.95, coverage for up to 3 home computers. I bought Outpost Pro and followed the custom setup procedure. The GUI was easy to understand, so that setup took less than 5 minutes total. Immediately I noticed the firewall behaved differently than the others out there. It picked up on several websites I thought were "clean" and warned me they contained malicious scripting. This helped make my browsing much more secure.

It also warned me immediately of attempted breaches-a huge plus, and gave me options on what to do. Since my first purchase, OutPost Pro has expanded the features in their firewall significantly. It proactively uncovers zero day threats, 99.9% of known malware and prevents bandwidth hijacking. For most internet users, this superior firewall will keep you safe and secure from nearly all the major threats hovering around online. So, if you truly want a reliable affordable firewall, look no further than Outpost Pro to keep you surfing securely.