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One Word To Describe South Park: Amusing

Reviewing: South Park: The Complete Sixth Season Dvd: Matt Stone, Trey Parker Paramount Home Entertainment  |  Rating:
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As a huge fan of South Park, it is no surprise that I'd gotten the South Park DVD. Each season of the show, the episodes get better and much funnier and wackier than the last one. South Park: The Complete Sixth Season DVD has plenty of good episodes. I will briefly summarize each episode and give a rating to each one of them.

Jared Has Aides- Jared from the Subway commercials claimed to lose more than a hundred pounds eating Subway sandwiches alone and now he is helping those in South Park! Jared wants to spread word around town that he has Aides but the townspeople assume he meant AIDS--telling his girlfriend who assume he has a deadly disease and everyone turn against him. Meanwhile the kids want to copy Jared's weight loss gimmick so they use Butters to be a (after he gained weight from eating Chef's meals) spokesperson for the local City Wok Chinese restaurant by eating all the rice he can that could help him lose weight.

Freak Strike- Butters is turned into a 'freak' after Stan, Kyle and Eric seen an episode of a disfigured girl being exploited on the Maury Povich Show. The kids put fake testicles on Butter's chin and send him away to get on the show. Before the show began, Butters encountered other 'freaks' that want him to join the freak club. While on the set, Maury sympathizes with Butters' sad story and sends him on a free trip to a huge golf course. The kids assume Butters is 'screwing them over'. Cartman want to be a guest on the show himself claiming he suffers from the same condition as Butters to win a free trip to a golf course but the producers has a different subject for the show. So Cartman signs up become an out of control teen instead.

Professor Chaos- The South Park gang makes the decision to end their friendship with Butters. Butters on the other hand isn't too pleased and become frustrated of being somewhat of an outcast out of the group. As the kids set up a Bachelor-style competition to see which kid from South Park has what it takes to be their fourth friend, Butters creates an alter-ego which he named Professor Chaos.

The Biggest Douche in the Universe- It has been months since Kenny passed away and Cartman still has Kenny's spirit inside him. It's driving him and his mother crazy so Cartman, Chef, Stan and Kyle attended the psychic, John Edwards show but no such luck cam our of it. Stan wants to expose Edwards as being a phony psychic. Meanwhile Chef suggests that Cartman visit his parents home in Scotland so they can help release Kenny's spirit away from Cartman.

The Terrance & Phillip New Trailer Movie- The kids sets up a trailer party so they can watch a important movie preview from the Canadian comedy duo--Terrance & Phillip. As they patiently waits, they have to watch a whole movie of ‘Fightin Round the World' with Russell Crowe. As Crowe has his own anger problems with the people he encountered in the film, the kids has their own obstacles getting in their way from them watching TV in Stan's home because Shelly want the to them to buy tampons. As each kid tell their reasons at to why they can't watch TV from their house, the kids is determined to find a way get to a TV before they miss out on the new T&P trailer.

Fun with Veal- The kids is on a field trip at a farm and to their dismay; see baby cows all lined up ready to slaughtered. Before that to can happen, they take the calves away and hide them in Stan's room. But Stan, Eric, Kyle and Butters will soon realize how big of a trouble they are in.

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society- Classmate Bebe is growing a couple of bumps on her chest and according to the boys; there is something so different yet awesome about her. Bebe's suddenly is sought after from all the boys her friend Wendy becomes very jealous of her.

Red Hot Catholic Love- Father Maxi fellow priests get their kicks with molesting little boys so Maxi goes to the Vatican to meet the Pope and change the rules about molesting young males. Meanwhile Cartman shows off his new talent-- craaping out of his mouth and it become a new rage for everybody to do in South Park.

Simpson's Did It- Once again, Butters become Professor Chaos and has new ideas as to how to destroy the world. But his schemes already been covered by the Simpson's and it irritates him. Cartman owns a set of sea people and a joke, the kids put the sea men in their teacher's drink and it kills her.

Free Hat- Steven Spielberg and George Lucas is remaking the film, Raiders of the Lost Ark but the boys try to stop them from destroying the original one. They all want to gather people who are against the film being re-edited and decided to draw people in with free hats. The children get an enormous crowd who mistakenly believes the children are supporting Hat, a convict that is in prison.

Child Abduction is Not Funny- The media is warning the parents to cautiously watch their children from strangers who will kidnap them. Every parent in town try everything to keep their children safe from harm-- even going as far to build a big wall to prevent any outsiders from coming in. City's Wok owner, Tuong Lu Kim, is asked to build the great wall but some Mongolians attempt to stop him.

A Ladder from Heaven- The kids just won a candy shopping spree but are told they can not have any candy unless they have their ticket stub. The only person who has the ticket is Kenny but he is dead. They search everywhere in his home and couldn't find it. So the only way to get the ticket is build a ladder to heaven so the they get the ticket from Kenny.

My Future Self N Me- An uninvited guest comes to Stan's home but surprisingly the person is really a grown up Stan in the future. Stan soon finds out his future is not as bright as it is filled with drugs and being sent to juvenile detention.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers- A mix-up occurs when the kids has a copy of a porno tape while Randy and Sharon have the Lord of the Rings. All the kids' parents freaked out at the thought of their children expose to such film so Randy tells the kids to go bring the tape as it hold evil powers. Somehow Butters got a hold of the tape and watched it and become crazy over it-the boys set out on an adventure to retrieve the tape while trying to dodge the 6th graders from stealing tape it so they can return it to the video store.

The Death Camp of Tolerance- Mr. Garrison becomes gayer than ever as he intentionally does disgusting things along with his assistant Mr. Slave, so he can get fired for being gay and sues for million dollars. The children tell their parents about Garrison's behavior and are sent to the Museum of Tolerance. They did not learn their lessons so the were ordered to go to the camp of tolerance to straighten out their homophobic ways

Asspen- The adult and kids of South Park takes a fun vacation to Asspen. Meanwhile Stan is challenged to ski race by a competitive adult but Stand doesn't care to win the race at all.

Red Sleigh Down- Christmastime is here and everything is full of love and cheer, except in Iraq. But Cartman is determined to bring Christmas in town so it can be a good deed on his part as he were told, he would not get presents this year unless he do something nice and big. An injured Santa is kidnapped after he was shot down in his red sleigh in Iraq and it is up to Mr. Hankey and Jesus to seek revenge against Santa's kidnappers- the Iraqis terrorists.

The DVD comes in three discs. Also a commentary by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker is included. South Park: Season Six did not let me down at all.