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What do you get for the person who has everything and needs nothing? I face this problem at my house every year when shopping for my husband. He loves Disney but there are times when we just do not need another Disney collectable or piece of clothing. A few years ago, I got him the ultimate Disney gift and gave him a piece of the company.

Enter OneShare.com. OneShare is a unique site where you can purchase one single share of stock to a company. This means if you have a Disney freak in your home, you can by a share of Disney stock, a coffee lover, a share in Starbucks, a chocolate lover, a share of Hershey's and so many more. I just checked their web site and here are currently about 100 different choices available. Purchasing your gift is easy too.

The first step it to go to their web site at OneShare.com and decided what stock you want to buy. These are REAL stocks so the price varies depending on the current price the stock is actually at. I chose a share of stock in the Walt Disney Company and I do not remember the exact price of the stock when I purchased it but the current price is $32.00. For the price of the stock, you get a beautiful certificate for that share that has pictures and designs that match the theme of the stock. The Disney stock has a picture of Walt Disney on it surrounded by characters from Disney movies. The certificate also has the certificate number, the company seal, and the name and address of the person who owns that piece of stock making is totally personal.

The second step is deciding if you want to have your certificate framed or if you just want to get it with the free paper frame. The frame prices range from $34.00 for a black lacquer frame up to $64.00 for an executive metal frame. I chose the black lacquer frame for the one I purchased. Then you have a choice of mattes. A plain one is free but they also have some really cool ones that say things like my first stock on them and those run and extra $5.00. I just went for the plain white mat on mine.

The last step is to decided if you want to add a personalized engraved plaque to it. They place the plaque in a cut out hole in the matte and it looks really nice. You can use it as a dedication, add well wishes or just add the recipients name to it. The charge for this is an extra $10.00. I chose to add a saying to it and added our names to it to show it was a gift from us.

OneShare does charge a $39.00 transfer fee to do all the paperwork to purchase the stock and place it in the persons name. The currant price for the Disney stock I purchased, the frame, the matte, the plaque and the transfer fee comes to $115.00 which is pretty close to what I remember paying for it.

My husband was absolutely delighted with his piece of the Walt Disney Company. He has even said it was one of the best gifts he has ever gotten. Every year he gets very excited when he gets his tiny little dividend check in the mail along with company reports. It makes him feel like he is a part of a company he loves so much.