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jeanine By jeanine on
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Evony -- Free Forever has become my latest addiction. It is a simulation game where you build a midevil city to fight battles or just build to make your city your own. In the beginning of the game you are given a plot of land to build your city. It comes preequipped with a city hall, but you have to do the rest. You are given 32 blocks for building. Each block can be used for one building. Use each space wisely because you can get yourself into a jam if you make too much of something and not enough of another. You have choices of what to build on each one but many come with a prerequisite. There is a little bit of an order that you have to build your buildings in. The worst part about building is it is very time comsuming. If the build time is only a few seconds you can automatically finish it but in the higher levels it takes hours, sometimes days to finish a building. You also have to "Train" troops which can be extremely time consuming so make sure you build lots of barracks.

As the name implies, the game is free but there is an option to spend some money. You can buy items to make the game go by a little smoother, but it is not necessary. There are items to make building and training go faster but if your not going to be online for a few hours, i recommend starting a longer project just before you get offline so that it is done the next time you log in. I have invested some money into my cities but later decided it really wasn't worth it; just be patient. The site also offers incentives to get you to spend money. They often offer a package deal where if you spend a certain amount they will give you extra items you don't have to pay for.

The game itself really is kind of pointless but I found it to be addicting. All you do is build your buildings and on your farms on the outskirts of town, but I have always had an addiction to sim games. You never actually see your townspeople except when they are building something and even then they are just little figures you see moving. The game could definitely use some minor improvements, like being able to see your townspeople or your armies as they march, but it is still a great game for those who like simplicity.

I recommend checking out the game website www.evony.com and checking it out. Signing up is completely free so if you decide the game is not for you, just don't log in again. They clear the system of inactive players about every 3 months so your account will be deleted at a later date if you decide you don't want to play. They also don't bombard you with emails like a lot of websites will and I was very happy about this. The only emails I have gotten from them were about purchasing coins and it was just my receipt.

Go on over and check out Evony and see if it is for you. They will give you a choice of servers to play on, I am on server 79 in Lower Loraine if anyone wants to join me!