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Only Play This Game For Marathon Sessions.

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game is decent; it would be better if you could save between stages. This is a sequel (in gameplay) of Pocky and Rocky (for SNES) though it is better than the 2nd one since you can dodge and you're even invincible when you dodge because Sayuki turns herself into a giant snowball for a couple of seconds. Unlike Castle of Shikigami 3 (which can be beaten in about 25-30 mins), this game can take a few hours to beat. You also have checkpoints if you die (rather than continue from right where you left off). You play as the Snow Goddess, Saiyuki, in a mediocre story to save your

forbidden love (a mortal) from illness and you go through 8 levels to get the needed items to cure him.The graphics look pretty decent with a 2d style and the music is kind of forgettable. The game controls decently, letting you move with the nunchuck while aiming with your wiimote to shoot the enemies around without having to face them. You also have an ice storm and a protection dance (instead of your melee attack from the 1st game, but this is not a problem since the game is set up so you wouldn't need one anyway) which take a little while to get used to. However, the special moves take a little while to get used to. For example, when you use the ice storm you flick the wiimote (and point in a direction where the swarm of enemies are) and the protection dance you have to point the wiimote away from the screen and press a and b. Fortunately, you get used to this quickly and won't have a problem when you use it.I think the first level is initially tough since you don't have high level weaponry (you collect the same crystals to power up your weapons) and you die in 3 hits, but fortunately, later on, you have access to more health and weapons. You also have infinite continues too. There is a second quest that occurs after you beat the game, which is a hard mode. You do unlock a stage select after beating the game (to be safe, make sure you just run out of lives and say no to continuing so it saves for you). Unfortunately, when you start the game with a stage select, it takes only 3 hits to kill you rather than all the extra vitality you built up and you will be choosing stages from the 1st quest.The game wasn't really anything special, but at least it was a decent play. Just play it on a day you feel like doing a marathon run (ie like an old NES game, or the original Pocky and Rocky for SNES which didn't let you save, but was more forgivable for its time and the levels weren't as large as in Heavenly Guardian). Just remember to also take a break should your arms get tired or you need to recharge your Wiimote and obviously turn off the tv when you pause it for these breaks to prevent ghosting and save electricity.