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Onyx Sw2300 Xs Dvd Player

Reviewing: Onyx (Walmart Brand) Onyx Sw2300 Xs Dvd Player  |  Rating:
Jonny Randall By Jonny Randall on
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This DVD player was bought at Walmart for $40. I just wanted the cheapest DVD player I could find, I didn't care about any extra features. When I got it home I was pleasantly surprised. This DVD player is far from basic, and has quite a few features I would not have expected from a $40 player. First of all it has the standard RCA jacks (Red, Yellow and White) to plug into most TV's that you would expect on any DVD player. This player also has an HDMI out jack which allows you to plug it into an HD TV, as well as 5.1 surround sound jacks, two features I would not expect on a cheap DVD player. Not only that, but on the front of the device there are two slots, one for USB and another for SD cards. What could these be used for you might ask. Well you can in fact put a movie or series of shows, pictures, music, whatever you want on a USB flash drive or SD card, pop it in the slot on the front of the device, and it will play the movie, shows, music, or display the pictures. This is an outstanding feature and is extremely useful. Now instead of renting a DVD or burning one and watching it, I can actually download whatever I want to watch, throw it on a USB drive, and watch it on my TV. All of this for $40? Best $40 I've ever spent.