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Ooh Pretty, And I Named It!

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BFTE has a Twitter account that I am a follower of. For a week or so, they were having trivia giveaway nights. The questions were tough! Eventually I won, but let me tell you, it was challenging and fun. What I won was a completely customized color and a consult over the phone with the owner, Crystal Lampe. I've never had the chance to get a custom color before, but she guided me over the phone. She asked what I wanted and I had two different ideas from the get go. My first idea was a neutral shade, something perfect for daytime. My second idea was a purple. I love beautiful violet shades. I was going back and forth in my head trying to figure out which way to go. Crystal said that she loved purples on brown eyes, so I went with that. She asked me some questions about what sort of purple I wanted and I used some swatches as a guide. I remember saying I wanted more of a blue-toned purple instead of red-toned. I also got the opportunity to name it. At first, I had no idea of what to name it, but then, a name popped into my head. I picked Royal because purple is considered a color of royalty and of course, Rachel is my name. I received the pigment quickly, and I know that the company took the time to get the color right. The color is very pretty. It's a very blue-toned purple like the petal of a bluish iris. I'd say it's more of a blue, a royal blue, which is quite fitting isn't it? When I apply it dry, it shows more transparently, like a sheer wash of color. I like it better when I apply it wet because it shows up more like how it looks in the pot. I am able to build up the color more by applying it wet and then putting a layer of it dry over it. This comes in a pot with a sifter on top so that a small amount comes out at a time. I like these sort of containers. I usually shake out the amount I want into the top and then apply.