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Opera Movie Review

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Zach ODell By Zach ODell on
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This is an incredible film thats from the gret Gailio Italian director Dario Argento. Its a unique horror film thats suspenseful and puts you on the edge of your seat while using intelligence behind it. This movie starts off in an opera where the lead character of the opera Macbeth has a dispute with the directir and bolts out of the building, but when she runs outside, shes hit by a car, therefore leaving the opera coordnaters to look for a new lead to fill in. They find a girl named Betty who they choose, but Betty believes that the play Macbeth is cursed and something always bad happens, but shes convinced later. During her first performance, a set of lights crashes to the floor drawing the crowd's attention to the broken lights while up above a security man is killed with the involvement of a coat hook. After the show when they find the body, a police investigator is called in and Betty finds out that someone was killed. Later on that night, Betty and her boyfriend wake up at the theatre. The boyfriend leaves to get some tea while out of the darkness, a man with black gloves, a white trench coat, and a black mask covers her mouth, puts tape over her mouth, bounds her hands, ties her to a pillar, and finally tapes six pins under each eye so when she blinks, she stabs the top of her eye, forcing her to keep her eyes open so that she has to witness everything that the murderer is about to do without the option of looking away.

I don't want to give anything else away(I've probably given too much away as it is)but this movie is amazing in every aspect and really unique in the way that some ideas and camera angles are portrayed where other directors would have failed at trying, therefore making Dario Argento one of the best directors there is and any fan of him will tell you the same thing.It's not just this movie either, in fact most people say his movie "Suspiria" is his masterpiece and is one of the best films ever. I agree with that, in the sense of lighting and music scores because Suspiria has probably the best lighting in a movie period, but the plot and other aspects in Opera are also better than Suspiria expecially the amazing plot twists that you don't see coming as well as some really creative aspects that make this movie stand out.Even he atmosphere, scores, acting, direction, and everything else is really good as well which makes this movie a masterful one. SEE THIS MOVIE NOW, YOU'LL LOVE IT! Expecially if your a fan of horror movies and Dario Argento work. Let me know what you think!