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Operation Rescue Kit: Classic Game Re Vamped

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Remember playing Operation? Remember just trying your best not to make the poor man's nose light up because you couldn't properly tweeze out the frog in his throat without touching the special metal lining he had placed in his body? (Now that I think about, maybe this guy was really Wolverine...)

Anyway, the game has made a come back in recent years and has been re-vamped to better reflect Grey's Anatomy and E.R. It is now called Operation Rescue Kit and yes, your kids with little hands and stronger thumbs from playing video games can still whoop you.

The game's design is still basically the same: remove parts from this very broken man's body without touching the adamantium steal lining he has or his nose will light up and you wouldn't like Wolverine when he's upset. Except now they have include some modern issues like a cell phone texting thumb and a sore joystick wrist that looks like a game pad. Also now you have a storage area for all those dang little pieces we used to lose and replace with stuff like stale bread crumbs and dead lady bugs. Those were hard to pick up with tweezers, too, but it wasn't the same.

In addition to new parts, there are new games! Operation Rescue Kit has timers, whistles, a system where you have to re-charge the tweezers so it knows whose turn it is...it is remarkable what they've done. My favorite feature is the oxygen pump for a couple of the games. In one game you have to get parts out under a time limit. If Cavity Sam a/k/a Weapon X starts beeping faster, you can "pump" oxygen into his system to keep him alive. Did you ever see McDreamy do that? There are four different games in all, and each one is a challenge.

I like the new Operation Rescue Kit. It is worth repeat play with the kids, and nothing is more entertaining than screaming "CLEAR!" every time the patient's heart rate goes up. Maybe the kids will appreciate that one day. They don't know what it's like to use a tweezer on bread crumbs, but this Operation Rescue should keep them from ever knowing.