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Opi Original Nail Envy Nail Polish

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Hey Ladies! Looking for a really good nail polish, base coat, and top coat all in one? How about if it was a really great nail strengthener and helps with protection from the cold weather? I have to product for you!! I get my nails done once in a great while-a luxury that isn't easy to afford with the economy how it has been lately. Since the first time I went, the salon specialist used and reccomended OPI products. I have to say-the colored nail polishes really are superior to other brands. The all have longer lasting color and a great look and feel, but Nail Envy takes the prize here. It's basically clear, but the color it has in the bottle is a bit hazy-it goes on clear and looks great. It has a beautiful shine and it's not too thin or thick-I'll put on an extra coat sometimes to add a little more protection, though. It's great for this kind of weather that's coming to the Chicago area where I live now-it really helps to save your nails from cracks and breakage.

Here's the kicker, though-if you've read any of my profile (I don't know actually how much is available, so maybe no one has LOL), I have 2 big dogs and 2 horses. Working with the horses every night takes a huge toll on nails and nail polish. This is the only polish that doesn't start to chip off after the first day I put it on!! It can really stand up to the elements and the torture my hands go through and it keeps my nails looking good enough for the doctor's office job I have 5 days a week (and you know that the patients I work with wouldn't appreciate nasty looking nails and hands!)

I really do love this polish-it stands up to most everything I can throw at it. Of course with the nasty stuff I do, I have to do an extra coat maybe every other day to keep my nails looking really great, but if you don't shovel horse crap for an hour every night, I'm sure it'll last longer for you!! :)