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Optimus Prime, Puts Superman In His Place

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dade By dade on
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Every kid loves a good transforner. I once had a toy box that was filled with so many transformer bits and pieces, I spent an entire weekend trying to put everything back together again, without much success. My mom was not going to fuel my transformer habit, any longer, unless I could put four of my older ones back together, as they came from the store.

Today, I find myself making very familiar bargains with my youngest son, Matt, with many of his favorite toys.

A few weeks ago, we were at Toys R' Us and Matt was burning a whole in his pocket, right away. We went over to the "Action Figure" department and a couple of minutes later, Matt had six different action figures in his arms. I do not know, how we will ever be able to put this kid through even, community college, at the rate he spends his allowance.

We got as practical, as a father and son can get over these "action figure" issues. Somehow, I managed to influence this to his single favorite, "Protoform Optimus Prime"; one of the transformers from the movie of the same name, "Transformers".

Well, it is still my son's favorite transformer, for now anyway. Matt and his buddies enjoy going into battle with their transformers, to do serious battle. They even pit these guys against other super heroes.

I watched Superman take a real beating one afternoon and it broke my heart, to watch the "man of steel" get grabbed out of the air by his cape, then crushed by the likes of, "Starscream". The world is not a safe place, with transformers running wild in the streets.

Matt loves his "Optimus Prime". What's not to like? He transforms into a spaceship! Yes, he his a collector's item too. I don't think Matthew cares much about saving this bad dude, to help pay for his college education.