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Orajel Severe Pain Formula Actually Works!

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My husband and I went to the movies a few nights ago, without having dinner first. Big mistake. I stuffed myself with popcorn. I was so hungry I guess I didn't notice the popcorn was overcooked/burned and had been tearing at my gums. Running my tongue gently along my gumline all I could feel - besides the swelling and horrible pain - were cuts and scratches. My gums were shredded, very red and extremely swollen. I took some acetaminophen. Didn't help. Then I took ibprofen, because it is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), I thought it would help reduce the swelling and relive my suffering. No such luck.

I went to the store to pick up some Orajel. I found a tube of Orajel Severe Pain Formula. Figured it couldn't be worse than the old Orajel I remember. The brownish gel that numbed quickly, tasted gross and numbed most of the mouth and throat, even though it was applied to one small spot.

When I got home, I washed my hands and opened the package. Cut the tip off the tube and applied a small amount to my fingertip. It's white, thick and creamy - not brown and gel looking. It didn't smell bad either. I rubbed a small amount to my sore shredded gums. I immediately notice the flavor is a faint spearmint. Not gross at all. Then I realized that it wasn't melting and pooling under my tongue. Orajel Severe Pain Formula was actually staying exactly where I put it. In about two minutes the active incrediant, Benzocaine 20%, was in full force and I finally had relief from pain.

I used the Orajel Severe Pain Formula for two days. The morning of the third day, my gums were their pink, smooth, healthy selves again and I was completely pain free. I don't know if Orajel Severe Pain Formula helped heal them faster or not, but it certainly worked like magic to stop my throbbing pain. I will keep a tube on hand from now on.