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Orange Box: Team Fortress 2

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The original Team Fortress was a big fun step in Multiplayer gaming with the Half-Life engine. Now with Team-Fortress 2 out, is it as fun as the original? Sadly...it's disappointing this time around.

There is no story to Team Fortress 2 since it's just an online Multiplayer FPS free for all. There are 2 modes, Attack and Defend, which is you're standard Death match fair, except you have to capture sections of the enemy bases in order to have control over them and make them your own. The attacking team must capture all the points to win while the defending team must ward them off until the timer runs out to win. Then there is Capture the Flag, which if you've played any form of CTF, then I don't really need to explain what this is.

The game play is fast and frantic. Each player has the option to play 1 of the nine classes available, each with their own weapons and playing style. While this is unique at first, once you find what the best out of the 3 sections and which one you're the best with, then you'll rarely ever play another class again. The game doesn't really award you for trying each class, you just pick what the map needs, what you're good with, then you'll never pick another one again.

And speaking of maps, this game has virtually none. I believe the grand total was 5, and most people only played 2 of the available maps. This makes for a gaming experience that becomes boring quite quickly because everyone will play as the Mechanic and build torrents at every hot spot in the map and have you pinned down the whole game. And each map isn't that big, making it easy to memorize everything quickly and no room to run around in. If you have more than 8 players the maps usually lags horribly and makes the game experience not fun.

If you're looking for awesome online multiplayer, purchase Halo 3 for the 360 or Call of Duty 4 for whatever system you play. Team Fortress is a shallow cash in and a quick repetitive game that lacks anything worth making it play more than once or twice online.