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Organic Baby Bath: Great For Baby's Hair!

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I got the Kids Nature Shampoo and Body Wash together with my own shampoo and wash. Since it is organic, I liked it for my baby. I checked if it was a " No Tears formula" like Johnsons and it is, so I tried in on my baby.

The first variant is Watermelon. I liked its scent, but when my baby gets sweaty hair, her head then smells like fudge. I didn't quite like it so I shifted her to Banana. She likes bananas and so she likes smelling the shampoo when she takes a bath.

So this is our experience. Our baby had very little hair when she was born. Well meaning family and friends would tell me to shave off my baby's head so that the new hair growth would be thicker. But I don't want to shave her head. Others told me to put oil. I did in two different instances. The first instance, I used Johnsons baby oil, and a lot of my baby's very few hairs fell off. When her hair grew again, I tried virgin coconut oil for the hair. She lost a lot of hair again. So I stopped using oil altogether on her hair. She has such a hot head that she sweats so much so maybe the oil is making her scalp even hotter.

But when we started using Kids Nature shampoo, we noticed a change after about a month. Her hair has become darker in color (we are Asians and so we like dark hair) and denser. She has thicker hair now that it is really noticeable. And it grows out pretty fast, too. I have cut my baby's entire hair length twice in 3 months. She has one length hair now. And she is only 14 months old who started with an almost bald head. Very nice product.

The shampoo is all organic and hence does not have harmful chemicals. The hair growth may probably be attributed to its aloe vera content.