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Organic Body Wash Good For My Allergy

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So okay, I have already made a review of this product as a shampoo. But aside from being a shampoo, it is also a body wash. The complete name of the product is Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo and Body Wash. But I did not use it as a body wash but merely a shampoo for two weeks before I thought of using it on my body.

You see, I have a skin problem that I do not know the name of. But what happens is, I get a break out on my skin from exposure to sunlight and humidity. From the first exposure, I get rashes on areas like the arms, elbows, back of elbows, neck, and back of my hands. At first they look like red rashes that are very itchy. Then after several days, the rashes get so dense that they fill up the area that they first occupied and then the neighboring. They get very itchy, especially during warm days, and really unsightly, too. Sometimes I would use a skin cream, but considering the surface area that they occupy, one tube is just for one application. Too expensive.

Anyway, after using the shampoo for a while, I though t of using it as a body wash. I like it because just a little amount covers my whole body, as long as I use a sponge. It also smells of peppermint, so I smell clean and fresh. And the peppermint also serves to cool my body, especially in the hot summer heat. And because my allergies have been so itchy lately, I would use a concentrated amount of body wash on the area. Then I would scratch it until I no longer feel the itch. After the first use, I noticed that the patch of red is starting to dry up. Hey, cool!

So I continued using it twice a day. It has been several days now and my skin has become smoother, as the bumps are starting to heal. The area is no longer red and itchy. This is a very nice product. It is both excellent as a shampoo and as a body wash.

And it is ORGANIC too! With no harmful chemicals. And cheap as well. Ahhh...very very nice product.