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Original I Phone First Generation

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My husband and I purchased the first generation 16G iPhones within the year after they came out. Of course now, the prices have dropped drastically and they finally have a 32G out, which I will eventually get. A friend of ours works for AT&T and was able to get us $50 off each phone (they allow up to 5 friends or family for her discount) and then we had lots of gift cards that year. So instead of each phone costing us $550, they cost us $400 each. Now again, this is going back well over two years ago and everyone was still paying the full price.

The one thing I don't like about my iPhone is the calling plan. It's costing us around $170 per month for 2 phones on a family plan. Mind you we have thousands of roll over minutes and we can call anyone on AT&T for free, which is most of our friends. We actually have a shared data plan that includes the Internet, 1400 minute plan and 1500 texting shared. We never use that much but when I was working at my past job, nobody called or emailed, they ALL sent text messages, so I had to get a higher calling plan.

What I DO love about my iPhone is the clarity of the screen and all the free APPS I can get. Now, I did have an issue with one upgrade several months ago and my phone was draining super fast and getting extremely hot. Apple wasn't really any help other than telling me I qualified for a new phone. They sent me to AT&T to get a new SIM card but that didn't help. Ends up, my suspicions were right and it was something in that 2.0 upgrade that nobody would admit to.

I love the lighter APP that I have in the pictures. It's my "concert mode", since I don't smoke and don't carry a real lighter. I have lots of kid games on there that our teens in our youth group play and aslo ones that my young niece and nephew play.

I never have reception problems, except when we went into the mountains.

I do have an Apple hard rubber case on my phone and it truly does protect this baby. My husband drops his more frequently than I care to mention. A few friends have cracked their screen because the phone ALWAYS falls screen down. But this case helps.

I don't like that I can't get any protection on this phone, other than Apple care and that does really nothing for me or anyone who drops their phone. And you need to be careful in the rain. The top hole where the earbuds go will fry the phone if any water gets in. I saw this firsthand when I was at an Apple store and some guy was about ready to cry because it happened to him. Thankfully, the Apple Genius Bar replaced his phone as a honeymoon gift. That was nice - if it had been me, I'd be stuck with a dead phone.

But you really need to treat the iPhone as a mini computer. That's what I mainly use mine for. I take notes on it, of course take pictures, connect to my Facebook account, text and check E-mail. I Twitter too, which is easy using Twitterific. I also use my iPod that's built into my phone and have about 8 Gigs used up by picture storage and music alone.

Lots of our teens in our youth group want an iPhone. As a parent, I really would not recommend one but it depends on how responsible anyone is with this phone.

I would love if this phone had a flip case and since the 3G iPhones are on the market, it's harder to find accessories now for this first generation. The headset/speaker earbuds are ok. I don't like how they fit my ears, but that's me. My husband's earbuds fell apart within the first year and we had to buy some foam covers for them. Those replacement earbuds are $40 and you need to get the kind with the speaker built in.

Overall, I love my phone. I got use to the size of it and it does get a little warm if I talk to a long winded friend. But compared to other phones I have had, I enjoy it. I do wish I could take video with it, but that will come in my next iPhone purchase I guess.

Update On Mar 04, 2010: Our phones are still going strong. There are minimal heat issues but like most phones, if you are on it for too long, it will get warm. But that's to be expected when constantly running the battery.

One of our youth told us last night that a friend in school downloaded an App that was a hand heater. I would advise NOT to download this Hand Heater Application. Even though having a phone as a "hand heater" is a cool idea, that means it's utilizing your phone battery to heat the phone up. So if you hear of people doing this, I sure hope you point out that they will be killing their phone battery for the benefit of temporarily warming their hands. And there's no telling what this will do to the iPhone itself.

Update On Apr 18, 2010: We haven't upgraded to the 3G yet because our current phones work perfectly fine. But when the 4G hits the market, we may be upgrading at that time. Love this phone!

Update On Aug 07, 2010: I am ready to upgrade to the 4g iPhone but Apple needs to work out some issues the new phone has. Once that is resolved, we will most likely be changing up to the new version and I'd love to get the 32GB that is out. Also, being able to have video and other features will be great. But for now, this iPhone is still running strong and very well.