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Orion Ac Adapter Keeps My Laptop Happy

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Laptop Computer 60hz Adapter Orion

When my laptop's AC power adapter finally died, I just happened to be in the middle of studying. Rather than panic, I simply complained to my husband. His solution was quick and to the point. Check on-line, find the best price in the area for the product, and take a trip to the store of choice to pick it up.

I found a Orion Universal AC Adapter at a local PC Cyber computer store and the price was definitely right but so too, was its ability to live up to being truly Universal. This adapter comes with eight adaptive ends, which makes it possible to power almost any laptop on the market.

Our introduction to the Orion Universal AC Adapter however; was one that didn’t start out very reassuring. Once the store clerk attached the adapter to the laptop and plugged the laptop into a power outlet, it was only a few moments later that we realized something wasn’t right. The clerk suddenly leapt toward the laptop and yanked the plug from the outlet, his eyes following little puffs of smoke as they rose up in the air toward the ceiling. "It's ok, your laptop is fine!"

The first Universal adapter he had tried was defective. It had made a tapping noise after he'd plugged it in, and this had alerted him to keep an eye on it. The second adapter from the same manufacturer had me a little apprehensive at first, but after plugging it in and paying close attention to it, he considered it a success once 10 minutes passed and no smoke or tapping had taken place.

Most laptop adapters I had priced during my first search on the Internet ranged in price between $55 and $130, (the latter was directly from HP). This adapter has proven itself as a solid investment for the money, first due to its ability to power laptops such as the HP DV Pavilion, Compaq, Toshiba, Dell, Sharp, Samsung, etc., and a number of other models. Secondly, its range of Voltage and lock in place safety feature allows it to compete easily with other, more pricey adapters. The “switches” allow you to set the correct voltage for your laptop and lock the setting in place to avoid accidental changes. This is perfect for those times when you travel with your laptop. There are several settings to choose from ranging from an output of 15DC to 24DC with a maximum of 120W. It is suitable for laptops requiring an input of 100V to 240V with a 50-60HZ range. In my case, my HP Laptop operates at 18.5V and setting the voltage at 18V has offered me trouble-free service.

Overall, this adapter has proven quite dependable despite its first shaky introduction, and I've had no issues with it. The adapter is somewhat larger than the original laptop adapter from HP. I would have preferred something a little less cumbersome. The voltage box itself weighs in at what feels like half a pound but which is likely closer to a quarter pound, but for the most part, despite its bulk, it seems to work well, and more importantly, I've had no further problems with the laptop randomly shutting down.

I would recommend this adapter, not only because of the price, but also because of the wide number of laptops it can service. It operates with no noticeable expenditure of heat. If your laptop's voltage is 18.5 for example, be certain the adapter is set for a lower and not higher voltage setting, otherwise you may end up with a fried laptop! Test out any adapter you buy, especially if it is a Universal/generic, for at least 10 minutes in-store to be certain all is well. Always keep your receipt for at least 30 days (the normal return policy period most stores have in place), particularly if you are purchasing a brand that isn't well-known. Also, be sure to complete and return any Warranty card. You may never have to contact the company, but you will be prepared should anything go wrong with your purchase.