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Orion Crt Tv

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By oblueyeso on
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I purchased this Orion T.V. set around 2004. I had gotten robbed and all they left at my home was a broken T.V. One night, I got tired of the broken one - said to heck with it and went and got the first one I could find.

This T.V. was a snap to get started using, as an T.V. should be. Just plug it in and go. The picture is clear and crisp. I've yet to have to mess with the factory settings for the picture. Every channel, every movie and any format is clean. No wierd shadows or funny lines through the picture. It is 27 inches and has a "flat screen" look, but it is a CRT, and it is huge. I've had several T.V.'s that didn't have jacks in the front - and I was very happy to find that this one did. This made plugging in game systems or another device in very easy. Before I lost the remote (hehe) one of my most favorite things about this set was the sleep timer. I do wish it was a bit easier to get to the sleep timer without the remote. This T.V. is cable ready. Very easy to set it up, punch a button here and there and you are done. I am one of those that leaves the T.V. on 24-7 (especially with the loss of the remote) and I've suffered no great loss because of that. There hasn't been any problems with the picture or with blowing the tube up or anything. As far as sound goes, obviously it isn't surround sound with a clear bass, but it does get quite loud with no fuzzy sound. Enough so that until I could replace my c.d. player, I was able to put audio cd's into the DVD player and listen to music as I cleaned and it sounded very good, almost as though it was not playing through a television.

Bottom line? I would purchase this set again in a heartbeat! It has proved to be long lasting and a great friend to me!