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Orka Silicone Whisk Trendy Turquiose Whipper!

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lexxia By lexxia on
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My new favorite color has to be turquoise! This silicone 10" whisk is great. It's flexible and very durable due to the material it's made of which is the very tough, heat resistant silicone.

The whisk conforms to almost any shape to accommodate whisking within bowls or cups that are slightly smaller than the whisk itself is.

This whisk although flexible works to mix liquids very well, very thick batters however are a little more work but still doable. I much prefer these over the steel ones however as it's able to reach into places to ensure that all the liquid you are mixing is well processed.

Cleaning is so simple, I just pop it right into my dishwasher with everything else or for those times when I'm really being domesticated, I'll run it under hot water with soap and it cleans up quickly. Nothing sticks to it and I can use it when making things like gravies or hot sauces without worry. Rust, with the steel ones, is non-existent with these. I particularly like the fact that it can be used without any problem in the Teflon coated pans and no scratching or abrasion of any kind will take place.

This silicone is great and resists heat up to 800 degrees! The color is fabulous and my youngest daughter, who will be taking up culinary arts shortly to become a "famous" chef :), wants me to throw out all of my other utensils and buy nothing but these types - in this color. I just might do that if I can find more deals like this!