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Ortho Shields Your Home From Bug Invaders

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Where I live we've been having unusually mild weather for the summer. No major heatwaves and we're already in week 2 of August! Once in a while, it gets hot, but a fan or a/c isn't really necessary if you can open a window to let some cool air in, right? But what's a constant problem you face if you do that? You leave your home open to bug invaders - crawling around your home, annoying you, biting you. Its time to reclaim your territory and banish those bugs with Ortho Home Defense Max. Spray it around your home, especially around doors and windows to create a barrier that repels insects.

It comes with an easy to use spray gun where you pull a lever at the bottom to get air pressure to get some of the spray then pull the trigger to send a stream blasting out. You don't have to pump it, you can just hold it down.

I noticed instantly that the number of bugs around our door that were coming in dropped significantly. A pesky mosquito got in once or twice, but all it really needs is further application and strictly following the instructions and you won't have to worry about insects tormenting you indoors again!

The negative I found is that when it rains, then this stuff seems to wash away and the bugs return - so that month long protection guarantee seems to be a little farfetched after a drizzle. At least you get a big jug of it to reapply it. Definitely does well to repel crawling critters.