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Ortho Weed B Gone For A Beautiful Lawn

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Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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As a child, I thought dandelions were pretty flowers. I also enjoyed "making a wish' by blowing the puffs. I never understood my mom's disgust at the little ‘fairies" that flew about and landed in the grass. Now I know.

We have a big back yard with a lot of lawn, and if we don't do something to control the weeds, they will take over. For a while, my husband tried using a tool that pulls individual dandelions, but that leaves a big hole where the weed once was. We had so many weeds in the lawn when we moved here, that if he had used that tool exclusively, there would have been no lawn at all. And it would have taken him ages to finish! Now he uses Ortho Weed-B-Gone.

So easy to use, he just mows and rakes the lawn, then hooks the bottle of Weed-B-Gone to the garden hose and sprays the lawn. He has applied it once already this Spring, and most of the weeds are gone. He is going to do it again tomorrow, and then two days later he will fertilize the grass to make it strong while the weeds are dying.

He is happy to have found this product and finds that it sure is easier than pulling them by hand, and much more effective.