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Osn Cleaning Cloth Safe For Lenses, Screens, C Ds

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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two OSN micro-fiber cloths

My camera travels with me just about everywhere, and I confess to being one of those people who is likely to wipe the lens with the tail of my t-shirt. I know I shouldn’t, but I never seem to have anything better when I need it. A tissue has good softness, but will leave more lint than it picks up. Anything like a napkin or paper towel can scratch.

I’ve tried carrying a little pad of lens paper, but this never seemed to work out very well. When I saw this OSN two-pack of micro-fiber cloths I decided to see if this worked better for me. So far, I’m pleased with it for the camera.

This package contains two OSN Photo Cleaning Cloths. One is 8 x 8 inches, and I keep this in my camera bag, inside a plastic bag. I don’t always take the camera bag, but that way I know where the cloth is, and have actually remembered to clean the lens occasionally. The other cloth is 9 x 12 inches. At that size, I’ve put it in my office, and am using it on the computer screen or to wipe off CDs and DVDs.

The cloth is a micro-fiber. All that means is that each strand measures less than 1 denier. What’s a denier? It is a ratio of the weight of a fiber to its length, technically the linear mass density. 9000 meters of silk thread weigh one gram, and this is the standard - labeled as 1 denier. Micro-fibers are synthetic, but can be polyester, rayon, nylon, polyamides, kevlar, etc. All that, to say that these cloths are not labeled with their exact type of material. Micro-fibers are sometimes woven, but not always.

This particular cloth seems very soft, but also very dense. So I stuck it under a dissecting microscope, and I can’t see any weave at all. It appears to be either heat molded, or felted, or made by some other process. The edges are simply serged, and these probably would scratch delicate surfaces. I may cut the edges off with pinking shears. I certainly don’t think that the fabric itself is going to fray, now that I’ve looked at it under 30x magnification.

I’ve used the larger cloth on my computer screen, but I’m not super-impressed. Computer screens just seem to collect so much dust, and water spots too, somehow. The cloth pushed the dust to the corners, but didn’t pick it up the way a damp wipe will, and it did nothing about spots.

These are not treated in any way. And, if you drop one on the floor, it’s going to pick up hairs, dirt, etc, which could then scratch the surface you want to clean. So you need to keep these in a bag.

The package says that the OSN Photo Cleaning Cloths are acid-free, and washable. However, there are no washing instructions. I would think you shouldn’t use bleach. I haven’t a clue about putting them in a dryer.

Made in China.

OSN is a maker and distributor of photography equipment.