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Oster Super Pot Gold In More Than Color

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This 8 quart pot is no longer made, but some internet research has revealed that many people are looking for ones that are still in working order. Mine still works great.

This was one of the best gifts ever given to me by my sister-in-law, and that’s saying something, because she has a knack for choosing great gifts!

This Oster electric Super Pot holds 8 quarts, yes that is 2 gallons. It is enameled aluminum, with a hard non-stick coating on the inside. I know that these coatings have been improved since then, but even so, this one has not peeled or worn off. It includes a removable rack that sits in the bottom, so you can raise things off the bottom of the pot.

The great feature about this appliance is that the temperature is thermostatically controlled and ranges from warm to 450 degrees F. This means that the pot can be used as a slow cooker or a soup pot, or even to deep fry. I don’t fry much, but over the many years that I’ve used this I have done donuts and fritters a few times, so I know that it works well for that.

It came with a recipe book that has quite a few good choices for families. Suggested uses for the pot in the book are canning (you can process half-pint or pint jars in it), sterilizing, blanching, steaming, baking (even cakes- this works, but not perfectly), warming or defrosting, braising, for cooking pasta, rice, cereals, or making hot beverages.

Recipes I have tried from the book include New England, Boiled Dinner, Chicken Fricassee (o wow!), and Hungry Man casserole. I found that this pot was perfect to steam Boston Brown Bread, a favorite of mine. I always used it for a recipe called Tuna Timbales which required a tuna mixture to be steamed in custard cups until firm. I could just put some water in the bottom of the pot, set the cups on the rack, cover and steam. Recently, I made scalloped potatoes in it, and they cooked much more quickly than in the oven, and evenly.

This is the pot that I just cleaned up so nicely with baking soda. See Baking Soda vs. 20-Year-Old Grease. The pot itself is completely immersible, as the electric controls are all inside the detachable cord.

So, this has always been an important part of my kitchen equipment for cooking for large groups. But I did not realize until this week what a real treasure I have. I was looking for some information about the pot, to see if it was still available. I discovered that it is no longer made, but many people on cooking blogs or forums are commenting that they wish it still was, because there really is no comparable product on the market.

If you are looking for some appliance like this, try the auction sites or yard sales, since the Oster Super Pot seems to be the only choice. It was also made in a smaller size, but that would not be so practical as the large one.