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Otc Zyrtec 2 Thumbs Down!

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texasheartland By texasheartland on
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I suffer from terrible allergy problems. This winter, my area has been plagued with high Mountain Cedar counts and my allergies went haywire. I tried over-the-counter allergy medications from Wal-Mart as well was Walgreens. But the side effects left me little desire to continue taking them. I had heard that Zyrtec was a great medication to take and would help almost all symptoms. So I went to Wal-Mart and was floored when they sold Zyrtec over the counter. Though $15 is a little steep for allergy medicine, I was willing to pay that price to help my terrible symptoms. Even though it was 10 MG, I thought it would help better than the 15 MG of the generic medicines. I took the recommended dosage, and waited for it to take effect. Not only did it not take effect at all (even within the 12 hours as posted on the package), it seemed to have made me feel any worse. Perhaps the prescription is better, but for those who do not have a family doctor, allergy sufferers are willing to help in any way to get rid of those darned allergies. OTC Zyrtec seemed to have failed the test.