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Othello The Classic Strategy Board Game

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Classic Strategy board game Othello

Othello is a strategy game that is super easy to learn and very addictive once you start playing it. The quote on the front of the box says it all "a minute to learn.... a lifetime to master."

I have had my game of Othello since I as a teenager and first learned to play it. The game still available today but is no longer made by the company Gabriel it is now made by Mattel. The current version of the game which is played the same way sells for $9.99 at Target and other stores. The recommend ages for the game are 8 and up but the game is so easy that my 6 year old has no trouble playing it but is not very good with the strategy part of the game which is being able to plan a few moves in advance. He still does manage to play it well and wins on many occasions.

Othello is played on a board that is divided into a grid pattern. The only pieces to the game are 64 round dics that are about the size of a nickel and are black one one side an white on the other. The game begins with choosing what color each player wants to be. You then place 2 of each color in 4 squares of the grid in the middle of the board, alternating black and white (see picture above). The black player always goes first. To play you place your color on the opposite side of the other players color like bookends. All of the other players pieces that fall within your set or sets of "bookends", then get flipped over and become your color. You can have several lines of "bookends" at one time. The pieces can be up, down, horizontal or vertical. When you place a piece down on the board, where ever there are your opponents pieces an a row and one of your pieces on the other side, they all count as that turn. So putting one piece down in just the right spot, can yield many pieces flipped to your color. The strategy comes in when you are able to plan moves in advance that will allow you to be able to turn over the most pieces in your next move. Play ends when neither player can make any more moves or the board is filled. The winner is determined by who has the most pieces in their color on the board when all moves are complete.

My daughter and I really enjoy playing this game together. It is also a great game because it is quick to set up and put away and it usually takes only 30 minutes or so to play each round depending on how long you and your partner take to think out each move. If you have never played you might want to give it a try