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Ou Est Winnie The Pooh?

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Quite a few months ago I was browsing the different sections of Target while I was bored. Me + Target + Boredom = VERY BAD & COSTLY. I came across the puzzles and thought to myself, "Hey, you haven't done a puzzle in awhile, you're bored...let's get one!" So knowing that I am college graduate and 25 years old; I knew I definitely needed quite the difficult puzzle to keep me entertained and challenged. (You see where this is going already don't you?) So I ended up picking out one of the Disney Mosaic Puzzles, not knowing I would be in for some MAJOR frustration once I got home.

The Disney Mosaic puzzles are very unique in that on each of the seperate puzzle pieces there are minature photographs that combine to make one large photograph, thus being the main puzzle. Hopefully that makes sense to you. So in essence since each puzzle piece is a picture all its own, putting together the entire puzzle should be quite challenging, especially being a 1000 piece puzzle.

Challenging? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. Did it make me want to throw all the puzzle pieces back in the box and burn them? Yes.

After I got home I anxiously opened the box and started working on the puzzle as I do every puzzle; getting the border done first. I was having fun as I was doing this and thought it was really neat looking at all the different minature photos on each piece. Once I got the border done though? The fun went right out the window. I got so frustrated, I couldn't figure out anything. I tried every method that I do when I get stuck on puzzles, including seperating by color, odd pieces, etc but nothing worked! I think the puzzle sat on my kitchen table for about 2 months. My sister even went to lengths and sent me a magnify glass to see if it would help!

So while this puzzle was a really cute idea, and I thought it would prove challenging and fun it was just a big major headache. I ended up taking apart the border, throwing all the pieces back in the box, and tossing it up into the storage closet. Maybe one day I'll end up pulling the puzzle back out and giving it a go again but for now that's where it will stay. Collecting dust on the top shelf, laughing at my stupidity and waste of $9.99!