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Ouchies Clorox Review

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Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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OK, so I'm the one in charge of cleaning the showers/bath tubs in the house, so I use the Clorox Bleach for that. It's pretty easy to use. Pour a bit in a bucket, dilute it with water, and you've got a cleaning solution that isn't too lethal.

Let's start with the positives, OK? So, it's pretty simple. I use a brush to clean so I mixed it around in the solution for a while and let the excess solution spray the shower. With a few brushes, anything dirty was erased. The shower my brother uses is absolutely RANK. Even if I had just cleaned it two weeks ago, it somehow manages to become digustingly gray. Luckily, whenever I use Clorox Bleach, everything disappears with ease. I've used other products like OxyClean Magic and it just doesn't work well. It's a weak solution that only has one good thing to say about it. It doesn't burn your eyes.

Which brings me to the negative aspects of Clorox Bleach. It absolutely burns your eyes. The scent is so strong that if the room doesn't have air circulating all the time, your eyes will feel like they're bleeding and end up tearing up and red. Like when you chop onions. I have even been known to burst out of the shower stall to get fresh air on the otehr side of the closed door (for times when I'm stupid enough to close it). Sometimes, if you let your skin touch the solution without washing it right away, the scent sticks to you! When I first started cleaning, I smelled like bleach all the time. And that makes it really painful to eat fingerfoods when your hands make your eyes burn.

It has its good sides and it has its bad sides. You decide if it's worth it. I, personally, prefer to use it. Works well, and if you're careful, you can avoid the scent!