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Our Advent With Cloth Diapers

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When I was still pregnant, I had already thought of using cloth diapers for my baby during the day and disposable diapers at night in order to save some money because cloth diapers are reusable.

God knows we did try the Chino Pino cloth diaper for several days after she was brought from the hospital and some other times thereafter. But it doesn't work for us. Our baby is very active and no matter how much we try to move the rubber mat around to follow her, she still pees on the bed. And most of the time, she pees about 5-10 minutes after we have put on the cloth diaper. And because it is cloth, her pee makes a pool on our bed. ugggh!

Chino Pino are 100% cotton cloth diapers, shaped like disposable diapers, and come with velcro. It is actually very easy to use. But it is just that we found it difficult to use for our baby. My sister in law suggested that we put another folding diaper over the Chino Pino, which we did, but still did not work. It must be because aside from being really energetic, our baby is quite slender and Chino Pino cloth diapers seem to be shaped for rather heavy babies.

So in just an hour, we have had 2-3 diaper changes that consist of the Chino Pino diaper, 1 cloth diaper to thicken the crotch part, 1 cloth diaper that lines the rubber mat, and sometimes some pillow cases and the bed sheet. We tried to count the cost of detergent, fabric softener, water, electricity in ironing the diapers, and the effort to do them, we decided that disposable diapers are the best option for us.

But in some instances, we still use the Chino Pino. And that is when our baby fusses early in the morning and we don't want to use another disposable diapers because in a few hours she will take a bath already. So we put a folded diaper on top of the Chino Pino and put it on the baby. Then over it, we have another re-usable cloth diaper that has a plastic lining. Sometimes, with this set up, we still get leaks, but at least, it can be contained on the cloth diaper that lines the rubber mat.