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Our Family Might Work For Your Family

Reviewing: Our Family 2 X Liquid Laundry "Free" 50 Oz  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This past year I’ve had the chance to compare three liquid laundry products that are free of dyes and perfumes. This one is the cheapest, but it does have a slight odor.

I usually use Jump “Free & Clear” liquid laundry detergent, and in fact I like it the best of the ones I’ve tried. But on our long hike this summer we spent an evening at the laundromat, and needed soap. So we bought this generic Our Family brand at the local grocery. This is a common generic brand of products carried by many midwestern independent markets.

I have become increasingly sensitive to scented detergents, and now I really avoid anything that smells perfumy. This jug is labeled “free of dyes and perfumes.” The $2.99 price tag was clearly a winner, so we bought it.

It got the clothes clean enough, and there is no perfumed smell. There is a slight chemical odor to it, but nothing bad.

I’ve also bought Era liquid detergent this year, and I like it the least of the three. This one, the Our Family, is my middle choice. All three were in the 2X concentrated formula, and all have #2 recyclable containers. None of them has phosphorus.

Both the Our Family and Jump bottles are identical except for the color. The cap design has an outer rim which makes it difficult to spill any detergent. Although the Era cap is the non-spill design, the outer rim is missing, so I like the name brand cap the least.

I use less detergent than recommended so I always get more than the 32 loads than they promise. I may be less fussy than you about laundry.

If this generic brand was available at one of the places where I regularly shop, I would probably buy it some of the time because it is considerably cheaper than even the Jump brand, and I think it’s good to change detergent formulas every now and then anyway.