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Our Ford Is Fast Becoming My Favorite Vehicle Ever

Reviewing: Ford F250 4 X4 Super Duty Xlt Extended Cab  |  Rating:
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When we needed to buy a truck, we searched long and hard. We ended up with a Ford F250 V10 4X4 Super Duty XLT Extended Cab. Ford's reputation for value, the fact we had owned Fords previously, and the classic style brought us to our gem of a truck.

Ford trucks are work horses! The Ford F250 V10 4X4 Super Duty XLT can tow up to 10, 000 pounds! This is a life saver for us as we have a big off-shore rig we need to tow. This Ford truck tows our boat without struggle. We live in a hilly area and the truck doesn't flinch, up or down hill.

Visibility for backing is superb. The rear and side view mirrors are large. The interior is designed without obstruction, enabling easy visibility through the large windows. The seat belts are contained inside of the seats so they do not get into the sight line. The headrests are low profile. The seats are large and comfortable enough for you to turn completely back to see where you're going. All of this in place makes backing a rig down a ramp or driveway a breeze.

The ABS braking system will stop the truck on a dime even when towing. I've found myself in situations of deer crossing the road and have never had a problem slowing or stopping to avoid collision.

The interior is roomy enough to seat 6 average sized adults. Even the back seat has enough leg room to accommodate a taller individual without being confining.

The 2001 Ford F250 is the best looking model Ford has come out with, in my opinion. From the changes to the front grill to the smoother lines, they did an awesome job. The newer models just do not hold a candle to the 2001 with their beefy mix of Mac truck with classic Ford styling. If we ever need to replace this truck, we're hoping Ford will revert back to this design.

The only downside to this big truck is the fuel efficiency. It only gets about 14 miles to the gallon. When we're towing it's about 12. If it got better gas mileage, this truck would be top notch.

Another issue we have with this particular model is we had to have transmission work done. The tranny guy said the 2001 model has the worst transmission ever. Apparently it's difficult to work on. I guess the transmission engineers went array in 2001. Regardless, since the tranny has been re-done, we have not had any more issues. The cost was $2, 500 for the rebuild.

Overall, I recommend the Ford F250 V10 4X4 Super Duty XLT Extended Cab. Ford trucks tend to hold their value well, they are well designed for work, and they just look good. If we ever need another truck, Ford will be our first stop.