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Out Darn Dust

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dizzyduck By dizzyduck on
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I hate housework. Let me just get that in there. But, I really like a clean house. I know, not a very good combination. I am always looking for shortcuts to get the desired results. The introduction of Swiffer Dusters has really helped me with my goal. I was hesitant to buy these at first because I thought they were too expensive, but after going back to work full-time, I really needed to find a way to maximize my cleaning.

These little gems have made my cleaning day much faster and efficient. The soft fibers go anywhere. Around all the little ins and outs of electronics, underneath the lampshades, on top of the picture frames on the walls, even the louvered doors of my closets. Now those were a quite a headache. When I used to dust, most of the dust really didn’t leave the house, it just relocated to another area. Swiffers grab that nasty old sneeze causing dust and lock it away. There is no residue to smear across the television screen and no odor, unlike some of those furniture polishes and cleaners. Now don’t misunderstand, I like a nice lemony smell, but not on my electronics.

I use the extendable handle to clean ceiling fans, cobwebs out of ceiling corners and the baseboards. Saves me a lot of bending down and climbing up. One Swiffer can get me through my entire three bedroom house and it really goes fast. I am able to do a pretty fair job on the entire house in a couple of hours on Saturday morning, and that includes a thorough cleaning of one bathroom and sweeping the entire house.

So if you are trying to cut down on your cleaning time, get great results and still have the time and energy to go to the mall, try Swiffer Dusters.