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Out Of This World

Reviewing: Alienware Area 51 X58 Benchmark Destroyer  |  Rating:
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Alienware is known amongst the gaming community for delivering out of this world technology all packaged with insanely good looks that most clearly came from a dimension other than our own and the Alienware Area 51 x58 is no exception to the rule and with a price tag to match something clearly extraterrestrial(couple of few thousand dollars) you can bet the performance you will receive will be quite unprecedented I assure you. Having the rare opportunity to gaze upon this majestic case is a privilege nay nay it's a complete honor but if you aren't convinced by it's drop-dead gorgeous good-looks allow me to further justify the hefty alien price tag that accompanies it

Exterior Build and Design

It wouldn't be called Alienware if it was your run of the mill boring black tower right? Well yes and they have a very specific way of designing their cases(refer to screenshots)for starters the case looks so neat and tidy with the optical drives neatly hidden away and protected by Alienware's patented little well for lack of a better word Alien Head the case. When it comes to constructing a case only the finest material will do (so no cheap plastic here) so the lovely case exterior consists of largely Metal with high density plastic encasing it all wonderfully wrapped up with a high quality black gloss and to really give it that extraterrestrial feel blue lighting that radiates from the interior is split on the face of the case which parts equally on both sides Alienware is known throughout the tech community for their extravagant systems. While they've tried to tone it down in recent years, so as to appeal to a wider range of consumers, the boutique PC maker hasn't let that stop them from continuing to create computers where no expense is spared. The Alienware Area-51 x58 is just such a system, and with a price tag of a few thousand dollars, you can bet that this isn't just a boring grey box. If anything, the Area-51 is an experience. The cost might give you pause, but this beast is built with some of the best components available. In the end, is it all worth it? Read on for our full review.


Now to the real reason we are paying top dollar for the Alienware what's under the lovely hood well lets take a peek and find out shall we.

It's easy to see if you've been on the cusp of the latest advancements and developments interms of technology that Alienware have pulled out all the stops with this one feating this beast with:

2x 2GB ATI Radeon HD4870X2

1xIntel Core i7 965

Ladies and gentlemen when you custom order your own you can tweak and touch up all the components you deem necessary the 2 listed above are just two of the reasons why I employ you to part with that hard earned cash and traet yourself to an experience which is out of this world because really you deserve it!