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Overdraft Fees Kill Me.

Reviewing: Bank Of America Student Account  |  Rating:
By pillowpants on
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I have had a bank account for many years, and in my younger years I freuqently went into overdraft, but nothing was as bad as when they increased overdraft fees 75% and doubled the fees for using my card at a non bank of America location.

All I have ever wanted was to have money and not have to worry about going into bankruptcy if I made one stupid purchase, but places like the bank have made it extremely hard on people to screw up if they actually do.

If you use a card at a random ATM, the fees hit around $5, and then you get hit with monthly fees, and a nice $34 overdraft fee for each transaction you've screwed up on. A good way to ruin a teenagers life and take his entire paycheck if you ask me.

Overdraft fees should be only $10, since companies make most of their money off the credit cards anyways. I am sick of being screwed over by banks and fees.