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Overemphasizes The Phrase, Stupid Guards

Reviewing: Bandai Lupin The 3rd: Treasure Of The Sorcerer King  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game is pretty decent except for the fact that the computer AI is a chore to deal with. You play as Lupin the 3rd, a gentleman thief who pursues after treasure. The story feels like a good episode from the anime and is plausible. The dialogue is pretty good too, making Inspector Zenigata and the other characters have their charm. This is basically a stealth game with guards that must be asleep on the job. In other words, the guards have very slow reaction times. One time I got up, the guard saw me, then I crouched, and the guard said, "Huh!? What was that...must have been dreaming?" I am not making this up. This is the worst part of the game because you will constantly hear this.

Lupin has disguises that he can use to fool guards. He can even dress up as Inspector Zenigata as well and impersonates Zenigata in a cutscene. However, there is a mind meter that will deplete itself when you fail to the react to the guards' prompts every few seconds. This is a chore in itself because you have to constantly do your disguised action, such as saluting if you are a policeman, every 5 seconds until you are out of their radius and this stacks if there are multiple guards in an area. If the mind meter is completely empty, you cannot wear disguises until you get a mental recovery; Lupin has to be focused to stay in character of his disguise. This was just a good idea executed poorly.

There are also many puzzles in the game. Some of which are impossible to find out. Fortunately, it isn't too many. The graphics aren't anything special but at least the sound, outside of the guards' repetitive behavior, is enjoyable with the acting and the eerie stealth theme.

Lastly, the game finally gets interesting when you are finally able to fight enemies (as a gentleman thief, Lupin does not attack the police and this is justified by the anime) on a regular basis rather than knock out the guards with sleeping gas. You have a way of shooting in 1st person and you can even play as Goemon, the samurai who can deflect bullets with his sword, or Jigen, the marksman, who plays pretty much the same as Lupin but with infinite bullets, in several segments. Fortunately, this is a lot more fun than trying to avoid detection from inept guards.

This game is pretty much a toss-up in terms of a recommendation; you should buy it if you are a fan of Lupin the 3rd because the story will at least tide you over the annoying guards.