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Oxy Chill Factor

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Want a good way to fight acne and also feel very refreshed? Try Oxy Chill Factor. Taking a shower at the beginning of the day with it really helps to jump start my day and put me in the mood to feel like doing more. The acne fighting ingredient in the product is Benzoyl Peroxide which has a really good track record at fighting acne.

If you rub your face with acne fighting pads and the main ingredient is Salicylic acid (like i did when i was a teenager) and thats not doing the job I would recommend Oxy Chill Factor Cooling Sensation since I truly believe Benzoyl Peroxide is easily a better at helping fight acne than Salicylic acid. The feeling I get from the product also aids in feeling good and comfortable before going to sleep so either way be it morning or night its still good for me.


If I was going to have a complaint about the product it would be its price since it cost over $6 when compared to other acne fighting ingredients that cost less. Hey, at least its more affordable than Proactive. The value makes up for the price though so I can't complain that much. Just how good this product makes me feel in the morning with the added menthol beads when showering in it self minus its acne fighting benefits is a great choice.

How Does It Compare To Other Products I Have Used?

Its the second best product I've used for acne problems, but it definitely feels better to use when compared to the best acne fighting product I've used. The best product I have used for acne I've already reviewed which is PanOxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Soap. Even though PanOxyl Soap is an excellent acne fighterit has the potential to irratate the skin too much by making it overly dry. As a result Panoxyl Soap is more of a product where I could skip a day of use.

Best Way To Use It

Don't over do the cream as it chilling intensity from the menthol may feel too sensitive while at the same time wasteing more of the product.

Its Availability

The product is getting harder to find. As of currently I can only get it from ordering online. I use to be able to buy it near my house.


I like Oxy Chill Factor best for its overall benefits and not just as an acne fighter. 5 stars!