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Oxycise Level One Video Set

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By ezriela on
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I was first introduced to "Oxycise" via a newspaper advertisement that used to be in a newspaper I read regularly a few years ago, promoting the product and telling how many people had been helped by this form of exercise to lose weight. I had read from a number of resources how important proper breathing is for good health and that it does actually help to aid in controlling weight, lowering blood pressure and more, which I found pretty amazing to believe. Despite some skepticism, I ordered the "Oxycise-Level One Video Set" on VHS. Two tapes came with it. The first one shows you how to breath in and out correctly when exercising, but focuses only on the breathing aspect. The exercise leader is Jill R. Johnson, a very fit, older woman who doesn't look as though she ever had a fat day in her entire life, but, still, she came across as very enthusiastic, believable and encouraging. Both my husband and I did the breathing techniques on the first tape, which have been very helpful to him, since he suffers from lung issues. The second video tape is more involved, because you then have to apply the breathing techniques, while doing designated exercises. The good thing is that, although you do experience a decent workout, everything is low impact and simple, not like those dreadful exercise videos with skinny young things doing stuff at so fast a pace that you're worn out within five minutes. I suppose you could call "Oxcycise" a kinder, gentler way of getting into shape. We've only got started doing "Oxycise, " but I feel pretty hopeful about achieving the promised results.