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Ozzy Osbourne: 'Black Rain'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This release has way more punch than I expected. I can not believe that OZZY pulled this off. This is one kick-butt album / CD.

'Im Not Going Away', is an awesome-filled track full of Rob Zombie like applications, and heavy metal assaults. This song is excellent for the opening trick. I think it is the best opening track of all time.

I am just as amazed when I hear the radio constant title, 'I Don't Wanna Stop', a very in your face declaration, that OZZY is going to be around until his heart Pops. This over the top blast takes you right into the next ripping piece where I swear, Ozzy has done his best-work-to-date.

'Black Rain' goes where most people are affraid to go. This harmonica laced philisophical masterpiece yanks the cord of most in-depth intellects, revealing the web of sorcery that has everyone hooked on Rock-N-Roll. This guy is genius. Arab like music filles the background, as the song develops.

I have been deeply disturbed inside by the OZZY and the Bird thing for some years, affraid that by listening to his music would implicate me. It is hard to hate this guy when you love his work, and its hard not to want to forgive him. My faith still suffers for these great songs. I am in purgatory, and man, I can't get past this fine line. He has me hooked.

The song folowing 'Black Rain', which is 'Lay Your World On Me', brings tears to my eyes, as I dont want to hate him. This song is very personal, as he has played on our emotions. This is one hell of a song, and I would say that it is his very best of all time.

I hope he donates some of that 'Almighty Dollar' he professess in the next song to the help of birds. Maybe he could help wildlife recovery efforts to show some of us, his gratitude for our persistant fan base. I think these two songs have his eyes open also, as I really busted out the tears getting through the prior song. I hope he appologizes soon, as it is hard to listen to this music, and feel disgust that I am his fan. Life goes on.

'Silver', and 'Civilize The Universe' touch down on the basics of his music. I love how this band of his can make the instruments shed emotions. I really think that Ozzy can do better for human relations than this. All said, I still like what he has done here. I wonder if he remembers the bird incident, as well as he remembers the good times he belts about in this next awesome song, 'Here For You'. I hear him hinting at his remorse. I wish he would just tell God he is sorry on stage, and give us all our hearts back. This great music is so cruel. If Ozzy see's this, I just wasted more tears over this one bro'.

'Countdowns Begun', which takes me deeper into this one of a kind soul search that reviewing has placed upon me, is next. Keeping all my predjudices aside is impossible, as I confess that this album is the best of any he has ever done. I am sick to my stomache over the addiction to this one.

You really have to own a set of guts, to be the best at what you do, and face those that want to hate you, or give a whole hearted opinion that will affect others. I am sure that this is well explained in the final song 'Trap Door', one which most OZZY fans truly understand. This song is a view of the world around us, the sins, the misfortunes, and the pain. This one can open your eyes, especially as a Rock N' Roll Lover. If you get this one you will truly understand why you needed it to begin with..... Our lves are Hell!