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Pain Be Gone!

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msculit By msculit on
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I have a terrible allergic reaction to MOST medications. Unless I get tried for a skin test, I will have no clue if I am allergic to one or not. Imagine how it feels like keeping a tab of what I can take and what I cannot and have that list with me wherever I go, just in case of emergency.

These past few days, I have been having a terrible back and body pain due to the heavy lifting (no, not the sporty kind of lifting...lifting boxes because our office was relocating to the upper floor of the same building) and packing and bending I did. I swear, my body ached like crazy from the tips of my toes to the ends of my hair! That bad! Since I cannot take any pain reliever and I couldn't cry like a little baby because my body was aching all over, I had to just apply some menthol oils or apply warm compress to relieve the pain.

I tried this Omega Pain Killer I found at home but never used because there was no need until lately. The lime-colored liquid is contained in a brown bottle with a metallic twist cap. The one I have at home is the 120 ml size but it comes in smaller and bigger sizes. It's made of methyl salicylate and camphor and menthol. The scent is not so strong and is actually soothing like a mix of lavander with menthol. The smell alone gives me a relaxing feeling. The effect is not as long as I would like it to be. It can stretch to an hour or two for comfort and relief. One great thing about this liniment is that it does not sting my skin unlike the other liniment products I have tried before.

Much as I hate to feel pain anymore, but just in case I do get body pain, I will surely use this product.