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Paiste Pst 3 Essential Set 14 18

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John LeBlanc By John LeBlanc on
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3 Set Movies Pst Essential

As I was looking for some new hats and a crash/ride to add onto my kit, and I was looking to buy relatively cheap, I thought I'd go for the Paiste PST 3 Essential Set. Being a beginner line, it is generally underrated and called "cheap, " or "poorly made." None of these things are true. The 14" hats have a great crisp tone to them when closed, and when open are loud and have great projection. The 18" crash/ride generally sounds much better when used as a ride, but to my knowledge that is the case with most C/Rs. The bell on the crash/ride has a nice tone to it, but isn't very loud and doesn't project very well. The C/R also has some overtones to it, but it's drowned out pretty well by the sound of the drums and other cymbals. Both of the cymbals have taken my beatings well, and I'm a hard hitter. I've had them for about three months now, and they haven't cracked nor dented. After purchasing these I was a little worried because they were Paiste's beginner line, but ultimately I am very pleased. The price, quality, and overall sound of these cymbals are great. If you're considering buying them, please do.