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Palm Centro Is Teh Win

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When looking for a cell phone this time around, I tried a number of friendly smart phones, including the iPhone, HTC Touch(CDMA), and the HTC Mogul. After trying all of these I was rather upset with the state of the market for casual smart phones. There just wasn't any. The Touch and iPhone came close, but their price points and problems far outweighed their usefullness and thus put them out of the race for a casual phone enthusiast with a budget like me.

So when I returned the Touch and tried out the Centro, I was less than excited. A few things stuck out first. The style of it was not nearly as sleek and hip as the Touch or iPhone, but it wasn't bad. It's small and compact for a smart phone. It fits nicely in your hand and you don't feel like you are holding a brick up to your ear. The screen is bright and colorful. The call quality was far better than the Touch in the same service areas. These all add up to a nice little phone, which is what it should be first and foremost: a phone. I was impressed that they made a smart phone actually a good phone, so I delved into the more exciting part: features.

The Centro is basically a Treo with a makeover. It can handle any programs that run on Treos with Palm OS 5. Which means there is a hefty library of programs available to make this thing do whatever you want it to. Many of them cost money though. As far as programs included in the phone, there is enough to make due, but not enough to take this phone to its full potential. It can do push email, web browsing, syncing calendar and contacts; pretty much everything you'd expect a smart phone to do, but with the added stability of the PalmOS platform. It also has an MicroSD slot that fits cards up to 4 GB, a 2.5 mm headphone jack, a decent camera, and bluetooth.

The only gripe I have is the tramatically out of date visuals on the OS. But fear not, this can be fixed with a number of interface redesign programs that have been released. But seriously, Palm, no one likes how your OS looks anymore, change it.

If you are considering getting a smart phone, pda, or just a cellphone with more features, GET THIS PHONE.