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Palm Centro Review

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Robyn Walker By Robyn Walker on
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Palm CentroIt was introduced Fall of 2007. It comes in two colors- blue and red. Whichever color you choose (I chose blue) there is a silver band all the way around the side and a strip of silver on the front. (see picture) It contains a micro SD slot for expanded memory but the drawback is that you have to take the battery cover off to access it. Another drawback is that the battery cover is extremely hard to take off.

FactsI am not going to give you a list of useless specs like everyone seems to do on here. What I am going to give you are some of its unique details. Besides being able to sync this smart phone to your computer- you can also connect to the internet anywhere. It is a wonderful feature. This means I can also sync up to my Hotmail calendar. There is a qwerty keypad which is easy to type on and four easy access buttons around the main button. These are for calendar, home, email and phone function. Next to those are the turn on/off button and the "green" button. It has buttons on the side for volume and one for taking pictures/video. The pictures this phone takes are beautiful and the video is not too shabby, either. OpinionWhy do I love my Palm Centro? It's not really the way it looks (although it looks pretty cool) and it's not for its sound quality (the sound is wonderful-crisp and clear), the reason I love my Palm Centro is because I can sync it to the outlook on my computer. Being a very organized person, I am always looking for ways to become more efficient. I decided to buy this phone when my Motorola Q broke and I was looking for the same type of phone. This phone is better quality. I can program events into the calender via Outlook on my laptop or the calender in my phone. When I sync my phone to the computer at the end of the day, every event that is programmed is transferred so in the end they both hold the same appointments. To sum things up, I love my Palm Centro. If you also have this phone I hope you love it, too. It has a lot of potential if you are willing to study up on it. If you do not have it and need to upgrade your current phone- I think you will enjoy this one. Give it a try!