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Palm One Treo 650 Smartphone

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By Melissa Bautista on
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I bought my palmOne Treo 650 Smartphone two years ago. Now, two years is a long time to keep a particular cellphone model, especially since we all know how fast-paced technology is. I have to say, however, that the Treo 650 has never failed me anytime during these past two years.

In my opinion, the Treo 650's best features are its: 1) organizer, 2) messaging, and 3) email functions.

As an organizer, the Treo 650 has a built-in Calendar and Tasks application. I used these two applications to jot down my daily appointments and to-do lists. The great thing about these applications is that they are so easy to use. I never even had to read the manual!

The smartphone's messaging feature is also very helpful. What I like most about this feature is how text messages to and from one particular contact are threaded to form one conversation. Say, for example, that I send a message to my friend Bob, and Bob later replies to this message. These two messages will be placed in one message file so that the message looks something like a chat log. You'll be surprised at how useful this little feature can be. I found that this becomes especially handy when you want to go back and review how your conversation went with a particular person. Also, by combining messages into one chat log per contact, messages can be easily located and are not just stored all over your inbox.

Of course, a smartphone is nothing without email capabilities. For this, the Treo 650 has the VersaMail application built in. This is a very straightforward application and setting up your email account is a breeze. I set up VersaMail so that I could access my Gmail account from my phone. Setting this up only took three minutes.

The only weakness I've seen in the Treo 650 is it's low speakerphone volume. I tried this feature once or twice and the party I was on the line with complained that they had a hard time hearing me, so I switched back to the normal phone mode. This weakness may be a deal breaker for those who need to use speakerphone a lot, but for me, this wasn't too big of a loss.

All in all, the Treo 650, in my opinion, is one of the best smartphones out there. In my two years of owning the phone, I've had lots of opportunities to replace my Treo 650 with the latest smartphone model, but I never did.