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Pampered Chef Bakeware: Easy Accent Decorator

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willow By willow on
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I got a chance to try this cake decorator at a friend's house when I was helping her to make all kinds of cakes and cookies for a very large party. She wanted them all fancily decorated, and we successfully used this device to achieve that. This cake decorator looks like a very large syringe, and instead of a needle you have six replaceable tips. The "syringe" holds 1 2/3 cups; the tip is secured on it with the help of a special ring. Each tip allows to create cake and cookie decorations of different shape as you let out frosting or whipped cream through it.

We had a blast with this toy. We made stars, roses, dotted lines, zigsags, funny faces, inscriptions, you name it. Unlimited room for creativity! The decorater is easy to operate, it is not heavy so you can hold and work it in one hand. Depending on the consistency of the frosting and on the type of the decoration you are doing, you need to adjust how you hold the decorator and how hard you press on the plunger. This took some learning, but I had learned fast.

If you like baking cakes and cookies and want to wow everyone with how great they look, I highly recommend Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator!