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Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer

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By dragoncoach on
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This kitchen gadget really missed the mark for me. My wife purchased this, thinking it would be an asset to our cooking, because we often use non-stick sprays on our pans and baking dishes, but it ended up being way more hassle than a help.

The concept is a great idea- it is a small plastic bottle that holds 4 ounces of cooking oil. There is a fill line marked on the bottle that you use as a guide. When you close the lid, you can "pump" the lid so that it puts the oil under pressure in the bottle. Then you are supposed to just push the button and the oil will come out as a spray, but without the harmful effects of an aerosol.

Instead of working the way it states, we found that the seal didn't last more than 2 weeks, and so we couldn't really get enough pressure in the bottle to make a spray...more of a dribble. As a result, the cap became a huge sticky mess because oil would leak out of the top, and go everywhere. You couldn't really clean it without dumping out the oil already in the bottle, so it was rather cumbersome.

Pampered Chef seems to have really great ideas sometimes, but as this one proves, sometimes it takes a little more to execute the plan properly.