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Pampered Chef Medium Scoop

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By dragoncoach on
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This is one product I would avoid- we loved the concept of it, but it just doesn't hold up to normal use. We spend more time fixing the product than we do using it, and I usually feel it isn't worth the hassle.

My wife bought the medium scoop because she likes to bake cookies, and she thought this would be a great way to make all the cookies a uniform size so that they all baked at the same rate. While this is them main way we use this, you can use it for other softer items like mashed potatoes, ground beef, etc.

The scoop is made out of stainless steel, and it has a band that sits inside of the scoop that is loaded with a spring controlled by the handle. Reminicient of the older ice cream scoops, you just squeeze the handles to release whatever you are scooping. The problem we have always had however, was that the handle often "skips, " so that it misaligns the band in the scoop. Instead of clearing out the scoop when you squeeze the handle, the band just pops out the front, and doesn't do anything. We found the scoop to be fairly difficult to clean, due to the way it was put together; although it is dishwasher safe, you pretty much have to clean it first.

This tool is a waste of time in my opinion. We have since switched from this to a cheap silicone cookie scoop, and have been much better off.