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Pampers Swaddlers Are Heaven Sent

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By joetterb on
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Being a new mother is a job in itself, who knew that getting ready to go to the Doctor would take an extra hour, the trips to the store longer, and full of more decisions. At my baby shower I received tons of diapers, all brands and sizes. I can honestly say I have not used the first one, I have exchanged them all. Through my childbirth classes, my significant other was all about free diapers, so he would engage in class and make sure we were the first ones there (free diapers for both). We got Pampers Swaddlers, we used them in the hospital, and used all the packs when we got home. While away at families for Christmas, we packed some of the other diapers, (Still trying to use the freebies from the shower) the first three times we used the others, it was disastrous. Either my baby is a peeing machine or the diaper wasn't absorbent. White Clouds couldn't hold either form of waste from my little angle! So we rush out and buy Pampers Swaddlers. Much to our surprise, they was a but thicker than the hospital grade Swaddlers, but it was missing one thing. The little yellow indicator down the front of the diaper that turns green when they need changed. I can honestly say I was heart broken. I am a new mother, and not confident, I worry and wonder about everything. My pediatrician probably wishes he never gave us his cell phone number.

Quality? Yes they are just as good. They are wide, so we dont have leaks of ANY kind. :)

They are absorbent- He started sleeping through the night since day one. Only gets up once....So we need a good diaper...And Pampers Swaddlers have given us that.

The price is that of any diaper. We buy in cases, its cheaper, as is any bulk purchase.

But we are sold on the quality. Pampers all the way, even when hes too big for Swaddlers, I now trust the Pampers name.