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Pampers Swaddlers Life Saver!

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jallyson By jallyson on
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Ever since my last baby was born, I have been on a hunt for the perfect diaper- one that's comfortable for her, and effective for me. The challenge- she's breastfed, which, as any breastfeeding mom knows, means hard-to-contain bowel movements. Every time my little one went poo, we ended up having to change her from head to toe, wipe down the entire changing table, clean whatever she had been sitting in at the time of the "incident", and then dive headlong into the arduous process of getting that mustard-yellow stain out of said clothing.

I asked around to anyone and everyone, what diapers will contain her blowouts? I was even considering cloth diapers at one point- we were changing her outfit so often anyway, it wasn't going to add to the laundry pile at all.

Part of my issue was also finding a diaper that fit my daughter well- she has chubby legs, and so many diapers left those nasty elastic marks on ehr legs. Go up to a bigger size, though, and we're doing more laundry.

Pampers Swaddlers have a size 2-3, however, that is the perfect size on my daughter. They leave no elastic marks on her legs, and best of all, they contain her poops! I can leaver her in one overnight without any leakage issues, she neevr smels like urine, and they are so soft to the touch. No diaper rash, either!

My only issue with them is they do feel a little squishy, so it's hard to tell sometimes if she needs to be changed or not. However, I assume a cloth diaper would be that way, and my guess is that's what they are trying to imitate- the comfort of cloth with the convenience of disposable.

All in all, I would highly recommend these diapers to any moms of newborns out here!!