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Panasonic 50 Plasma, Can Hardly Drag Myself Away!

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Jan Mayrhofer By Jan Mayrhofer on
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My husband has always been a stickler for a perfect picture on whichever television he happens to be watching. And he has always had a knack for adjusting a television to get the ultimate performance from it. I would always be a little embarrassed when he would go and adjust a television at a home we were guests in, but our hosts always ended up thanking him for improving their picture.

So when he shops for a new T.V., believe me when I say he is a bit fanatical about quality. He interviews the guys at the T.V. stores to get their feedback and visits many stores before he makes any kind of a decision.

I think it has been about two years since he bought our Panasonic Plasma television. So I am by now completely spoiled. The High Definition picture is so clear and detailed (which is not really captured in my photo!) that you can see a individual blades of grass or a blemish on a ball players face.

Our television is a 1080I flatscreen and Model 600U. We bought it online from a company in Montana called Vann's. The shipping was free and they charged no tax. It was extremely well packed and there were no problems at all with the shipping.

I love our T.V., even though we paid so much for it. Prices have come down on the flatscreen plasmas since we bought ours, but isn't that the way it always goes? The T.V. is a real pleasure to watch and I hope it lasts and lasts.